Poster Invasion is a social enterprise that uses our nationwide events as a platform to bring the work of young artists to their generation in print form. We operate a double bottom line which means partnering with artists is just as important to us as running a sustainable business. We actively empower the artist community by giving our artists the opportunity to reach half a million people every year. We are constantly working on developing our Artist Partnership Program™ into a platform that will uplift artists worldwide and connect students to the amazing creatives of our time.

If you are an artist making beautiful art that could be printed as a poster or other type of merch, we would love to hear from you. We also love to work with nominations, so if you know an amazing artist whose work you love and admire, we would gladly review them for our Artist Partnership Program™.

Use the form below to submit work to our team here at Poster Invasion, or to nominate an artist!