Welcome to Poster Invasion!

Posters are a form of cultural expression, and our goal is to capture the modern college Zeitgeist through our pop-up Poster Sales while providing an excellent source of fundraising for our campus partners. We are proud to be a woman-owned social enterprise, valuing our artistic impact equally with our financial sustainability. Our double bottom line allows us create and fund our Artist Partnership Program™, which gives young artists the opportunity to share their art nationwide with their generation in print form. We believe a Poster Sale should be a diverse and inclusive space that offers representation for all students.

Posters are our passion and we bring them directly to our fantastic campus partners with one turnkey event. We have years of experience managing poster sales on college campuses nationwide and have optimized and re-worked every piece of the poster sale to provide an authentic experience for students. We work tirelessly to create an event that truly represents the generation we are serving and to empower our artist partners. We can’t wait to see you at our poster sale!